R  Deferred one time set-up charge.

R  Deferred annual fees.

R  During 90 Day Trial Period...pay only per call charges.

Let our outstanding performance earn your trust and confidence!

Should we merit your continuing with Night Nurse…subscriber benefits include:

RNs/NPs averaging 18 years of clinical experience…exclusively focused on pediatrics.

Emergent calls answered within 5 minutes, urgent calls 10 minutes…non-urgent calls consistently within 30 minutes.

Adherence to Barton Schmitt, MD & David Thompson, MD protocols…regularly reviewed and updated by our MD, FAAP Medical Directors.

24/7 Night Nurse management access…prompt responses to subscriber concerns.

Advanced systems, providing clear, EMR compatible Patient Encounter Reports…electronically faxed to physicians daily by 8:30am.

Extensive Coverage:
Weekdays, 5pm-8am.
Weekends and Holidays, 24 hours.
Additional coverage by arrangement.*

* This past year, weather related daytime coverage was provided scores of subscribers, following tornados, floods and a dozen winter storms.

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