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Triage Staff

RNs and NPs who average 18 years of clinical expertise are exclusively assigned to triage the patients of Night Nurse subscribers.

Our nurses can be depended upon to competently and compassionately offer accurate treatment options and care advice within the most appropriate levels of care.

Performance Record

  • Average response to emergent calls within 5 minutes, urgent calls within 10 minutes and non-urgent calls within 30 minutes.*
  • Average time spent on each triage call - 9:27 min/sec.
  • Subscriber satisfaction: over 99.9% subscriber retention since 1999.
  • Satisfied patients/caregivers.
  • Safe effective triage...nearing 2-million triage encounters without incident.

When unexpected surges of call volume do occur, emergent and urgent calls are dispatched with priority status…non-urgent call response may likely be delayed until On-Call reserve nurses are in place for call assignment. Night Nurse has never interrupted triage service due to either unforeseen call volume or weather related issues…unsurpassed dependability.

* Periodically audited triage call data is derived from computer accumulated patient encounter records. Response times cited, represent patient encounters through December, 2018.




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