In response to the ever increasing demands of patient care, more physicians are now seeking support services that will improve their quality of life. Night Nurse has been built on its ability to provide enriched physician and patient healthcare experiences with dependable delivery of high standard services.

  • Night Nurse, now in its 15th year of operation, brings together an effective and viable corporate structure, business acumen and technical expertise.
  • Qualified and respected Board Certified Medical Directors.
  • Motivated and dedicated RNs and NPs with from 5 to 35 years of clinical experience.
  • Proprietary EMR compatible computer systems, designed to swiftly match incoming triage calls with nurses properly licensed to deliver care advice in accord with every state's Board of Nursing regulations.
  • Consistently fast call response times. No call waiting for emergent and urgent calls.
  • Electronically faxed Patient Triage Encounter Reports insure clarity, include necessary patient data, patient/caregiver/nurse narrative, nurse assessment and recommended care advice.
  • Uninterrupted delivery of triage service since 1999, continuing through pandemic events, floods, tornados and winter storms.
  • 24/7 accessible "mission" dedicated management team, responsive to subscribers and needs of their patients.
  • An outstanding Board of Directors, with sentinel business, finance, legal and healthcare credentials.


Night Nurse’s 99% record for subscriber retention is unsurpassed among triage providers. The company currently serves the triage needs of over 4,000 individual physicians, clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Cost effective operation, requiring an on-going investment in systems development and staff expertise, results in both reliable and affordable triage services.



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