The Night Nurse Difference

We are a family of owners, whose passion for

excellence is only exceeded by our focus on delivering

highest quality service for the medical community.


  • Patient access to Night Nurse is through the physician's answering service, with the call information being relayed directly by fax, unlike triages where patients/caregivers are left holding on line until nurses complete prior calls.
  • Calls are answered in order of priority. Emergent or urgent calls are never left waiting on line for less urgent calls to be completed.
  • Triage staffing is based on computer assisted projections of trending monthly call volume.
  • Safety margins are included when preparing nurse staffing schedules. As added back-up, we maintain on-call nurses, assuring the capacity to provide continued service, if surges of call volume occur. Although pandemic events such as H1N1, can periodically delay call response times…our Night Nurse subscribers have never experienced interrupted service due to call volume or weather related issues. Your good measure of Night Nurse reliability is our unsurpassed record of continuing service since 1999. Dedicated “mission” oriented management and staff.
  • Highly qualified Medical Directors provide professional oversight.
  • Patient/Caregiver calls answered by RNs averaging 18 years clinical experience…our nurses are entirely focused on pediatrics.
  • MD service lines available for physician direct contact with the Night Nurse Call Center.
  • Translation capability is provided via Language Interpretation Services.
  • All patient encounter reports are delivered to you within minutes of the completion of the triage call or instantly via the use of our physician portal. 
  • Next-day Appointment Scheduling provided at no extra charge.
  • Access to Operations Management is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immediate response and follow-up may be expected.
  • Detailed billing information, broken down if required, by each physician in the practice, or in a covering practice.
  • No surcharges for overnight, weekend coverage or 24 hour coverage during six major holidays.
  • Additional daytime coverage during office hours by prior arrangement.

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Nursing Triage Services

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