Night Nurse offers reliable, separately staffed triage services for patients of community based pediatricians, family practitioners, internists and health care centers.

How It Works

  • Subscribers choose their own schedule of triage coverage.
  • When a patient calls their physician's office during hours of scheduled coverage, the call is answered by the practice's Answering Service.
  • The Answering Service faxes the call message data to Night Nurse.
  • Advanced, specially designed Night Nurse systems swiftly match calls with responding RNs, properly certified to administer medical care advice within the patients’ state of residence.
  • An experienced pediatric nurse, trained in telephone triage, uses standard clinical guidelines to assess the child’s needs and determine the necessary level of care. The nurse may recommend that the parent seek immediate treatment at the emergency medical center preferred by the physician; schedule an appointment with the child's own physician in the morning; or manage the child at home with home-care advice.
  • With physicians selecting the medical sites to which their patients are referred and tailoring the management of their patient's care, Night Nurse strives to emulate the high caliber of care, consistent with advice physicians themselves would provide, in accordance with time tested protocols.
  • Physicians can specify how and when they want to be notified of any emergency room referrals, and all patient encounter reports are delivered within minutes of the completion of the triage call or instantly via the use of our physician portal.*

*Night Nurse Patient Triage Encounter Reports, providing clear, computer printed documentation of individual patient/caregiver/nurse triage encounters...include revealed patient medical history...presenting illness or trauma...narrative of nurse assessment and care advice recommendations. Report data is maintained in secured Night Nurse computer storage files, accessible to patient physicians.

Night Nurse Is Cost-Effective Care

Night Nurse ensures that patients receive the care they need and also guides patients/caregivers in the appropriate utilization of triage care advice.

In the current managed care environment, Night Nurse supports essential cost management by triaging patients at home through effective parent education, or referring patients to the most appropriate medical setting for the level of care they require.

Overall costs for delivery of medical services are obviously impacted by both reducing unnecessary Emergency Room visits and prompt direction of critically ill patients to emergency treatment facilities.

Night Nurse Values

Night Nurse works in partnership with subscribing physicians and affiliate practices to serve their patient/caregiver needs. Response times to patient calls are excellent, as is the qualitative level of care advice sensitively provided by highly qualified medical professionals. Patient safety issues are our foremost priority, and Night Nurse’s management team is readily accessible to answer physician/practice inquires...24/7/365.

Accumulated patient information and encounter details are available to physicians and practice management. Night Nurse system’s capacities are also primarily responsible for maintaining affordability of our triage services.

Since 1999, our “mission” at Night Nurse is securing good outcomes with

every patient encounter, and extending reach of good triage everywhere we can.


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