Answering Services

Night Nurse readily works with existing physician, practice, clinic and hospital answering services. Our only concerns relate to answering service capacities. Night Nurse triage operations are capably coordinated with over 30 answering services in 23 states.

Alternatively, nearly half of Night Nurse subscribers use VIP Connections for answering services,

often for complete 24/7/365 services, including responsibility for all internal and external telephonic connections.

Night Nurse's National Call Center and VIP/Total Connections are located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Years of association provide benefits of procedural integration, seamless transition of triage and if needed, supplementary answering services for Night Nurse subscribers.

Patient information provided by answering services:

  • Name of Patient
  • Caller's Full Name & Relationship
  • Telephone # (with Area Code)
  • Is Call Back Number Blocked?
    • (If so, instructions are provided to unblock the phone)
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Name of Primary Care Provider
  • Immunization status
  • Brief Description of the Problem

Triage calls are screened, recorded and the information obtained is electronically faxed to Night Nurse call dispatchers for prioritization.*

New baby calls and hospital admissions are paged or called to rounding doctors early each morning.

Referral and appointment calls are held until offices open.

*Responders immediately direct emergent calls to Night Nurse via dedicated telephone lines.

For further information related to answering services, contact: info@nightnursetriage.com 

or call 508-650-0022


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